Telluric dance within my bones

I’m stoked to see my poem “Body, Mind & Soul” published at The World of Myth. Many thanks to editor Stephanie Bardy for including my work in the 100th issue of this wonderful magazine.

This and other poems can be read at this link

The beauty of being “Impspired”

I’m delighted to have my poems “Like a Devadasi” and “Beyond the rules” published in the anthology “Impspired magazine volume six”. I heartily thank the editor Steve Cawte for including my work!
This book is an amazing range of prose and poetry from writers across the world and is availabe at the link below.

Beyond the Rules and Like a Devadasi can also be read at Telluricverse in the section POEMS.


My friends, I’m happy to share with you the news that the book EVERMORE has been released and is now available on Amazon.
Two years of dedicated work with my friend and co author Scott Thomas Outlar, culminated with bringing into the world this 266 page book. Yes, you read it right! 266!
Evermore is a journey for seekers of light, liberty, and justice and much more.
It is a themed, hybrid book in which poetry and prose intertwine together weaving a pattern of wild imageries interspersed with satira and allegory that will give you hearty laughs (I promise!), but it will also make you ponder over life, over love, over social justice (and injustice).
At the end of the last page you’ll find yourself craving for more. And more of it is yet to come!
Don’t miss it. Please help us to spread the news, and tap on the link below to order your copy of Evermore! Thank you so much. Have a blessed September!

talk to me about… a black feather in a white nest…

Having my poems “Talk to me” and “Shade of Silence” published in the issue of August 2021 of Harbinger Asylum is to me utter joy. Big thank you to founder editor Dustin Pickering and Z.M. Wise for including my work!

Here’s an excerpted poem but I also invite you to click here to purchase your own copy for more awesome poetry and short stories!


My poem Hybrid Gems was recently published at Borderless Journal and can be read here

A big thank you to editor Mitali Chakravarty for including my work in her site.