If I were a Blackbird…

Three of my new poems will soon appear in The Piker Press journal. Grateful to editor Sand Pilarski, I’m looking forward to sharing them with you all.

“Numa” – May 2nd

“Awakening” – May 30th

“Blackbird” – June 27th

Crow flying over the Moor Fountain located in Piazza Navona, Rome – photo by Mihaela Melnic

Sharing the moon…

You told me that wine soothes the pain,
you said, let’s sit on the sidewalk and kiss the obscure lips of this recycled PET.

You hit the bottom with your thirsty throat and then you told me things like: […] Read the full poem here

I’m elated to have my poem “Sharing the moon” out at Rye Whiskey Review. Thank you so much to editor John Patrick Robbins for publishing my work!

photo by mihaela melnic

The wanderer

Guadagnolo at sunset, photo by Mihaela Melnic

I am delighted for having been invited to contribute with my poem “The Wanderer” in November’s issue of the literary journal Cultural Reverence. Thank you to Sukanto Roy for publishing my work at his site.

In the penetralium of myself, at times a whisper nestles –
Halt! It’s here, this is what you seek
it’s him, it’s her, it’s you

Whenever I enter a hitherto unknown dimension hoping to grow solid roots
I spread around my rays…

The whole poem can be read here

Thank you ever so much to Angie Tibbs for supporting my work by publishing my poems at her site!

Other poems of mine published at Dissident Voice can be read here

Street encounters

photo by Mihaela Melnic

I just gave my European coin
to a South American dancer.
I did it for the sake of art
thinking myself good at guessing people’s ethnicity.
If I’m wrong, I apologize…
but he gave us such a thrilling breakdance performance
borrowed from one named
after an archangel
who, only God knows which devils he fought… his own, more likely… read more here

Street encounters, On the same boat and A day at the circus have been published recently at Lothlorien Poetry journal. Big thank you to Strider Marcus Jones.